Bishop M.B. Jefferson - Deeper Life Christian Church

Bishop Melvin B. (M.B.) Jefferson is one of today’s most eloquent Christian leaders. He boldly stands on the pulse of God’s heart as a dedicated servant. As the Presiding Prelate of World Assemblies Fellowship International (W.A.F.I.), he is the founder of Deeper Life Christian Church and the House of David Help Centers of America. Bishop Jefferson, along with his wife, Co-Pastor Dr. Brenda Jefferson, are proud parents that oversee an anointed ministry dedicated to saving the hurt and lost souls around the world.

Originally from Texas, Bishop Jefferson grew up knowing firsthand the effects of poverty and hunger. As a child riddled with tough times, Bishop Jefferson experienced an extremely harsh childhood, which drove the youngster into the dangerous streets of Texas. By the age of nine, he was addicted to nicotine and alcohol, and eventually drifted into a life surrounded by drugs, violence, and promiscuity.

When Bishop Jefferson was 25, he had an epiphany. After having an allergic reaction to medication, he went into cardiac arrest. Although a Dallas, Texas hospital emergency room team pronounced Bishop Jefferson dead, he experienced a phenomenal revelation in his seemingly lifeless body.

During this life-altering experience, Bishop Jefferson knew that he would end up in Hell if his life didn’t change. The formerly troubled man was reborn – spiritually and physically. As his heart began to pump again, Bishop Jefferson knew that his life would never be the same.

Now strapped with a fiery testimony, Bishop Jefferson began following the steps ordered by God. The pastor’s spirit also gave birth to the foundation for a “Deeper Life” ministry. This pivotal transformation led Bishop Jefferson beyond traditional religious thoughts and into the “holiness” of God. While at this elevated spiritual level, the pastor learned the tools to help deliver people from their sins and addictions. The key was to teach and preach only the unfaltering truth – make it plain for all to understand.

Under God’s direction, Bishop Jefferson relocated to Tampa, Florida, where he established Deeper Life Christian Church and the House of David Help Centers of America. He was called back to the streets – this time to help the outcast. The pastor recognized the anointing and mandate placed over his life by God. As a means of reaching out to the many lost souls, Bishop Jefferson purchased multiple properties that were havens for substance abusers and prostitutes. The pastor then began teaching people biblical principles and nurtured them back to a life in Christ.

Now instructing new believers through the “Book, Chapter and Verse” of the Bible as well as providing spiritual guidance, Bishop M.B. and Pastor Brenda Jefferson have delivered thousands from addictions. Many more have been healed from numerous sins and diseases. Currently, 70 churches and House of David Help Centers nationally and internationally have been established to offer transitional residences; provide food/clothing, and spiritual guidance. As an attest of Bishop Jefferson’s work, countless believers who were once drug-bound and encamped in sin, have dedicated their life to Christ and grown to become pastors, financially prosperous kingdom builders and dedicated laborers continuously saving lost souls.

Under a powerful mandate to reach the masses, Bishop M.B. Jefferson is also a gifted author and teacher. Of the more than 25 books and recordings, many contain some of the fieriest messages ever captured. His prophetic anointing of “the laying on of hands” has also rekindled a fire in the faith of believers proving that God is still working miracles today. Oftentimes, blinded eyes are opened, the lame walk, mute tongues speak and people once bound by crack are set free.

Despite much criticism and persecution from today’s world systems, Bishop M.B. and Dr. Brenda Jefferson continue to go forth in victory and challenge believers to walk in the newness of life through Jesus Christ.  The astute pastor can instantly quote the Bible by memory, and is a passionate Bible authority called to minister around the word.


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